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We hope you don't think we're labouring the point but we just wanted to once again highlight the range of services we can offer your business.


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Birmingham has produced some of Britain's greatest companies;
oak trees from small acorns.

We’re here to help other Birmingham acorns to grow online.

Insist on a wonderful design: People like lovely looking things. Ugly websites are possibly the greatest cause of friction so inappropriate or illegible fonts, poorly placed CTAs, irritating popups, nasty flashing banners, lots of zoomy-in things and cluttered or messy layouts all contribute to a mass exodus of a website. Visitors know when they’ve arrived at a badly designed website – they may not necessarily know why it’s bad but failure to deliver on functional design will create friction. Make a visit easy: Don’t ask the user to do too much. Ask for only important information on forms, create a fluid logical navigation that doesn’t require too many clicks and eliminate anything that doesn’t serve a purpose in achieving the website’s objectives: ask, What’s it for? If the anwser is nothing, get rid of it. Reduce options: If there are too many options on a website users will experience choice paralysis. Choice paralysis occurs in Costa and Starbucks which is why there’s always a queue: too many types of coffee, too many ways of having your milk, too many sized mugs, too many ‘helpful’ offers of flapjack, muffins, sandwiches, paninis, etc. Too many options can lead to confusion, time friction and attention friction. Remember, it’s not your website: It’s your users’ website so when testing, put yourself in the shoes of a customer. Have a click around and imagine you’re someone who is looking for the services you offer. Sometimes it’s hard to emotionally distance yourself from something you’ve worked on for a while so ask associates, work colleagues or employees to test usability and collate opinion. Businesses whose web designers have nailed the art of eliminating website friction through a combination of great design and thorough planning will create a significant competitive advantage for that company and it can be pivotal in the firm’s success.
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